Thanks and Praise

The Reno City Council members handed in their lists of top five candidates today. I’m thrilled to see that of the six Council Members, I was listed by three — Neoma Jardon, Oscar Delgado, and Naomi Duerr. I feel honored that these Council Members listed me. There were a lot of qualified applicants and I imagine it was very difficult to narrow it down. I do believe that the hundreds of emails, calls, and messages that came in from all my supporters help me get this far. When I announced I was applying for this seat two weeks ago on this blog, it was shared 882 times. Wow! It’s just amazing to see there are that many people out there that believe in me. Thank you for that!

I was also happy to see Britton Douglas get four votes. She shares a similar passion that I have for Reno’s future and she’s a hard worker. From here, the Council Members will narrow the field even more on Wednesday. You can watch this process play out at

Thank you to all the people who called, emailed, and messaged the Council Members on my behalf. Thank you to the 262 people who advocated for me publicly on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Thank you to Doug Erwin, Abbi Whitaker, Caleb Cage, and Jason Stallcop for writing letters of recommendation for me. Thank you to Adam Reed, Abbi Whitaker, and Larry Moen for speaking at public comment for me. Thank you to the 176 people who wrote personal messages of endorsement online and through email. While there’s too many of you to list here, I will not forget that you went to bat for me and I promise to thank every one of you in person. A special thank you to Kristin Stith, Rebecca Venis, Adam Lapidus, Chad Carlson, Jeff Conner, Josh Lantz, Michael Rashmir, Connor Ferris, Bill Attowa, Pat Morrissey, Jessica Hensler, the Diandas, O’Maras, Mcardles, Gorins, Donahoes, Rogers, Gibsons, Lamberts, Kennys, Stallcops, my family, and so many more others for all your extra support. And finally, thank you to my wife, Lesley Klein. She’s just the most amazing partner and supporter I could have ever prayed for. She’s my rock.

Regardless of what happens from here, I want everyone to know that my family and I feel tremendously blessed to have so much love and support from this community.

I appreciate you.


One thought on “Thanks and Praise

  1. I have to tell you that I have never been one to follow politics of any sort state, city, or other wise. I do however know that you have such a love for this city. I also know that this city would be blessed to have you in that seat. I feel so strongly in my faith in you and what you will do for Reno, I posted it on facebook and spoke to as many as I could on your behalf. Best of luck.

    Much love and Respect

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