How you can support #KleinforCouncil

First, I’d like to thank everyone for their support. I appreciate all the calls, texts, and shares. My announcement post to seek this position was read over 1,000 times and shared online over 800 times. That is just absolutely incredible and I’m honored to know there is a lot of people out there that believe in me.

What’s ultimately great about this appointment process is that anyone can share their opinion about this Reno City Council seat, whereas only Reno residents can vote in a regular election. Maybe you live in Sparks but you work in Reno or maybe you live outside City limits but your child’s daycare or school is in Reno. It matters that Reno is a great place for the entire region and this is your opportunity to get your voice heard and help the Reno City Council appoint the right person.

The appointment process will work like this:

  • November 21 – The six Council Members will start evaluating the applications individually.
  • November 24 – During a regular City Council meeting at City Hall, Council Members will discuss the process again. The agenda item is listed as J.3. There will be an opportunity for the public to speak. You simply enter in a public comment card and you can say whatever you want regarding this item for three minutes.
  • November 26 – Each of the Council Members will turn in their top five candidates.
  • December 1 – In the morning, the Council Members will meet and narrow the field of candidates to three people. There will be an opportunity for the public to speak before a decision is made.
  • December 1 – In the afternoon, the three finalists will each present their qualifications and answer questions from the Council Members. Then the Council Members will discuss and vote. This is another opportunity for the public to speak before a decision is made.

From now until the decision has been made, you can contact the Council Members and advocate for Paul Klein for the At-Large City Council seat. Any and all support is welcomed and appreciated. You can call, write, email, tweet, Facebook, or speak with them in person. If you feel comfortable speaking publicly in a City Council meeting on my behalf, that would be outstanding. Here is their contact information:

Hillary Schieve: (775) 334-2014 – E-mail: – Facebook – Twitter

Jenny Brekhus: (775) 334-2011 – E-mail: – Facebook – Twitter

Naomi Duerr: (775) 334-2017 – E-mail: – Facebook – Twitter

Oscar Delgado: (775) 334-2012 – E-mail: – Facebook – Twitter

Paul McKenzie: (775) 334-2015 – E-mail: Facebook Twitter

Neoma Jardon: (775) 334-2016 – E-mail – Facebook – Twitter

PaulKlein and Kristin Stith at TEDxUNR
Paul Klein speaking about Reno at TEDx





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