Paul Klein for Reno City Council

The Reno City Council has decided to fill the vacant at-large seat through an appointment process. I’m all in for this seat and here is why:

I believe in Reno.

I believe in the hard-working families that make up this community.

I believe in Reno’s resiliency and ability to rise from adversity.

I believe in Reno’s future.

This is a town with grit. As a community, we have endured a tumultuous decade and persevered into a leveled economy. Now, we begin a new era on the cusp of economic opportunity. The policy decisions that are made in the next five years will be significant for the next 25 years. Emerging industries are gravitating towards Reno and we need to encompass these opportunities with the right balance of support and regulation. We need to scale our public services and infrastructure appropriately. We need to continue to increase community engagement and transparency. I’m an advocate for an ethical and financially responsible government. As a Councilmember, I will protect our measure of freedom and work to enhance the community’s quality of life.

I have lived in Reno my entire life. I am a product of a military and law enforcement household, Little Flower Catholic School, Reed High School, and the University of Nevada. I’ve played youth sports in Reno, I’ve received college degrees in Reno, I’ve launched businesses in Reno, I’ve started my family in Reno, and I’ve served this community on dozens of boards, commissions and volunteer organizations. I know every nook and cranny of this City. I believe I represent all the hard-working, resilient people of Reno because I am you.

For the last two years, I have worked for the City of Reno government. I fully understand our staff’s capabilities and resources. I have an in-depth knowledge of our liabilities and opportunities for innovation. I have the education, the experience, and the grit that Reno needs to lead us into the future.

I’d be honored to serve as your voice on the Reno City Council and appreciate your support.

The City Council will narrow the applicants down to three candidates before making their decision. If you believe I should be one of those candidates, I ask that you personally contact the City Council Members and advocate for Paul Klein for City Council. I will not let you down. City Council contact information can be found here.

Paul Klein for Reno City Council

The following list summarizes my pertinent education and experience.


  • I have a Bachelor’s degree in pre-law criminal justice and a Master of Business Administration (MBA), graduating December 6th magna cum laude, with a concentration in management and public policy. In addition, I’ve studied international business in San Sebastian, Spain and London, England.
  • I received a Nevada certification as an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT).


  • I have owned and operated two businesses, an advertising and public relations agency and a special events firm. The agency worked with businesses of all sizes and industries. We helped businesses increase sales, brand awareness, and expand operations all-the-while winning dozens of national awards for creative effectiveness. While I’m known for my creative strategy and approaches to business, my talent is really in innovating business processes to maximize results. I’ve been able to help companies do this effectively, because I understand supply chain and operations management and how that affects a company’s brand of service delivery to the consumer.
  • For the last two years, I have managed the brand positioning and production of public information materials for the City of Reno through the Office of Communications and Community Engagement. My team’s mission is to innovate the way government engages with citizens. Since I’ve started, we have worked to make Reno’s government more transparent and citizen voices count in policy making decisions. Some of the innovations of our work are Annual Reports, a new government website ( and social media platform (@cityofreno), and engagement efforts like Public Art vs. Pollution, #ThinkReno, and Buy Local.
  • In 2008, I was appointed by the Reno City Council and served two-terms on the Parks and Recreation Commissioner. During my time on the Commission we provided policy advice during the contentious issue of closing Brookside Golf Course. We also enacted the Adopt-a-Park program that is still flourishing today.
  • In 2009, I served as a liaison to the Arts and Culture Commission. During my time on the Commission we provided policy advice on the neighborhood opposed public art piece at Virginia Lake. We also re-designed the public art process plan which is still in action today.
  • In 2010, I was appointed by the Reno City Council to represent Ward 1 on the Priority Service Task Force, which built a report for the City Council to use regarding the priority of City of Reno services from a citizen perspective. This report is still referenced today.
  • In conjunction with the Chamber, I helped found the Reno Tahoe Young Professionals Network in order to create a thriving growing workforce in Reno. I served the board as an officer for two-terms. Today, the group has over 300 members and plays an integral part of Reno’s economical sustainability.
  • I am a founding member of the BiggestLittleCity movement. We founded this effort in order to change the perception of Reno and brand it as a great place to live and visit. The campaign has garnered hundreds-of-thousands of impressions and continues to make impacts such as articles about Reno in the New York Times and Huffington Post and the #bigvotelittleexcuse campaign. I also gave a TEDx Talk on the formation of the grassroots effort last January. It can be viewed at
  • In addition, I was on the founding team of two Alumni chapters of the University of Alumni Association, served the American Advertising Federation on the Council of Governors, and served as the Alumni Housing Corporation president for the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity at the University of Nevada.
  • I was named a Twenty Under 40 Young Professional award recipient and honored as the Outstanding Young Alumnus of the University of Nevada in 2010.

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