Change the way you look at a city and the city you look at changes

Eighteen months ago, Reno was used as a punchline across pop-culture. Today, it is used in business strategy conversations. CEOs are asking manufacturing and distribution leads to get in on this ‘thing’ happening in Reno. This ‘thing’ is fashioning global brands like Amazon, Tesla, and Microsoft to shout from Mount Rose that they are in Reno and that’s what’s up.

The big idea behind the BiggestLittleCity brand was to give the community a stage to showcase the way they look at Reno. This gives the rest of the world an authentic representation of the region and changes perception. An effect like this branches out into all kinds of areas of development from tourism to employment. After all, social content is the most powerful component of a brand.

For example, searching the hashtag #BiggestLittleCity on Instagram will populate over 12K posts. These moments are real. They aren’t crafted by a corporation, but rather shared by a community that wants the world to see their BiggestLittleCity. Here is a screen shot of what people were posting on August 15.


 August 22 was a rainbow day in Reno and several people wanted to share it with the world.


On August 26, during Burning Man, the community shared these.


Last weekend, the sky was filled with balloons and the community posted these.


Back in June, before the hashtag reached 11K posts, I grabbed this screen shot. Arts, food, music, and goodness.



2 thoughts on “Change the way you look at a city and the city you look at changes

  1. Hello,

    My name is Amy and I work for Natural Grocers. We would like to invite to a sneak peek lunch we are having at our new Reno location. Please send me your email address so that I can send you an invitation.


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