Bravely branding

To be brave is to be bold. To take a leap toward something special that will surely be criticized. On average, people and certainly companies are more risk averse. We prefer to play it safe. For instance, the most popular wall colors are white and off-white. Neutral and safe. The Circus Circus has a bunch of these walls downtown in an area that is in desperate need of some liveliness. When you’re trying to change the energy of a City, boring does not work.

Last weekend, the Circus Circus offered a few of these walls as canvases to local artists. With paintbrushes to paneling and stencils to stucco, vanilla walls suddenly became infused with flavor. For a long-standing casino property, this was brave..and bold..and awesome for Reno’s brand. For me, the effort alone is worth a virtual standing ovation. The Circus Circus is no small fish and they did something creative to help change the face of downtown.  Who’s going to be brave next?




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