a Year Since the Launch

This June will be a full year since we launched the #BiggestLittleCity movement. That first year was chaos and I loved it. We didn’t know what we were doing, just why we were doing it and that was a really fun space to work in. There’s a lot of theater in creating a movement purely fueled by passion for the place we call home. We did that so well that businesses started supporting us with checks and ad space. We had to get organized to manage all that and take the movement to the next level.

In the last few months we established a board of directors and filled for nonprofit status. We also crafted a formal mission statement: “The Biggest Little City movement is a nonprofit, grassroots community pride project. Our mission is to cultivate and share positive stories of northern Nevada residents, provide tools to businesses that wish to show their city pride, and to serve as an unbiased bridge between regional, public and governmental organizations and the community.

We now hold monthly board meetings and continue to work on helping the #BiggestLittleCity movement grow. The story count is in the hundreds, the social media hashtag count is in the hundred-of-thousands. Instagram alone is approaching 9,000. The more times the hashtag is used to link beautiful captures of the region, the stronger the brand becomes. We need to continue to align the area with the great things that draw people here.

Our latest story features a Nevada grad, Veteran, and themed pub crawl enthusiast. This is Lawrence Tam’s story.

PaulKlein BLC Launch

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