a Community of Hackers

There’s an aura of creativity in the breeze; a wind of innovation that is changing the makeup of the #BiggestLittleCity. Builders, inventors, and makers-of-things-that-inspire-us are abounding. In the last three years, the community has played host to dozens of hack-a-thons , start-up competitions, and TEDx events. Worthy ideas are indeed spreading.

While our vigorous arts community continually designates the area as a creative venue, it’s the recent inclusion of tech, planning, and “hacking“ that are creating an innovation evolution. You, me, all of us are a part of this metamorphosis. Relevance comes from being engaged and adaptive, and eventually becoming cutting-edge enough to drive positive change. This is happening and we’re all driving it.

At last year’s TEDx University of Nevada, a local teenager gave a talk on the concept of hacking. While he references education as his example, the idea of innovation and creativity is what shines through. The hacking concept is about inventing new methods to increase productivity and efficiency. Whether it’s a singular artist, a team of coders, or a government agency, the Biggest Little City is innovating like never before and we’re becoming smarter. In a sense, we’re a community of hackers.

The arch by Andrea Bailey
The arch by Andrea Bailey

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