Organically Original

The greatness of the Biggest Little City movement is its originality. The campaign’s path of organic evolution will continue its ability to stay unique. The community is in control of the brand. It’s future is undefined. This is a fun space for creative to live.

There’s nothing more disappointing than campaigns that copy the creative concept of other campaigns. This happens often with the “Most Interesting Man in the World” campaign by Dos Equis. It’s constantly parodied and itself is actually a parody of the Chuck Norris facts.

Everyone in the men’s hygiene market has copied the use of randomness and exaggeration humor created by Old Spice. Dairy Queen even used the concept in their RiDQulous campaign. It’s all the same styling and Old Spice does it best because they are the originator.

Toyota recently launched a talking baby spot, which E-trade is world-famous for. I don’t know how that creative even leaves the shop. Anyone who watches it will certainly remember the E-trade commercials.

In the end, originality always wins. Considering this, we designed the Biggest Little City creative in a specific way so that it can be what anyone imagines it to be. We’re working on apps that allow contributors to create their own versions of Big/Little videos and Big/Little graphics. They’ll be launched soon. Here’s some snapshots.

#BiggestLittleCity graphic creator
#Biggestlittlecity Video Creator
#Biggestlittlecity Video Creator

More to come. Follow me on Twitter @PaulKleinReno


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