a Win a Week In

It’s been a week since the launch. We have 70 stories posted to BiggestLittleCity.org. The site has been viewed 11,000 times since June 5. The Facebook page has nearly 1,600 likes. The TwitterInstagram, and Pinterest pages are saturated with posts and pics signaling #BiggestLittleCity. The initial social following has been wonderful.

The greatest accomplishment, thus far, came on Monday at a regional meeting of local leaders. Electeds and managers from Washoe County, Reno and Sparks, wore Biggest Little City shirts that read, “Big United, Little Divided”. Inspiring. Brilliant. Forward thinking. This is just the beginning.

Big United Little Divided #biggestlittlecity
Big United Little Divided #biggestlittlecity

Today, a few of us implored some story sharing via the airwaves at Wilks Broadcasting (the X 100.1 FM) for the Reno Style show. One of our co-hosts was Kristin Stith. Kristin is the subject of our fifth treatment, Big Hit – Little Scrapper. Kristin moved to Reno to play softball for the Pack. She was on the team that was ranked top 25 and went to the NCAA National Tournament. Kristin made the first hit at the new Nevada softball field. She’s driven and is destined to help us lead Reno into the next era. Here’s her story:

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Continued from Sharing My Story, So You’ll Share Your Story.


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