Sharing My Story, So You’ll Share Your Story

In five days, reached nearly 10,000 visits. Those are big numbers, but I believe it’s just the start. There is more work to be done and 1,000 more stories to tell. We want all of you to share a story about what the Biggest Little City means to you. Visit and submit a story. If you’re looking for an example, this is my story:

This week, we present the movement to two more groups including the City of Reno business meeting on Wednesday and the Regional Alliance for Downtown on Thursday. The video and print treatments will start surfacing in media this summer. I’m working on another idea to create a groundswell that pushes the movement online and out-of-market. I’m still trying to un-scramble the idea. If you’re an app builder, video infographic animator, or know of any, let me know. I want to create something that changes culture and explodes virally online and I need help. Now to the creative…


The fourth treatment of the campaign features Mark Estee. Mark runs on supreme unleaded. His passion for the Biggest Little City is relentless. A prestigious chef known throughout the nation, Mark reminds everyone his home is Reno. Here’s his story:

So, what’s your story? Visit and share it.

Continued from For the Community by the Community.


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