For the Community by the Community

A member of the audience unknowingly started the presentation. We wanted to set the tone that the Biggest Little City isn’t just for those that worked on it, but all of ours. We did this by taping a card under one of the 200 audience chairs. The chair was picked at random. We literally just decided, “That one.” Before we started our spiel, we asked everyone to look under their seats and one lucky fella raised his hand and announced there was a note and it said, “Read me.” We scurried out a microphone and he read this:

The read me card
The read me card

Great moments are born from inspiration. We do our best work when we’re driven by pride and passion. In February of this year, a group of volunteers became inspired to create a movement that is unique to the Biggest Little City. We believe this type of effort has to come from the community so it can speak to the community.

There isn’t one person or business responsible for this effort, but all of us in this room. Each person here owns this campaign just as much as the creators. We’re here to build something great for the city we love. Welcome to the team.

He read it beautifully. The audience applauded and we were on. Clint Jolly led off with some eloquent thoughts on the group’s purpose.

Our next treatment featured Donna Sosnowski from Sepulveda Elementary. A kind-hearted educator that exudes pride and passion when talking about the education system in Reno. Here’s her story:

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This post is continued from Off and Running.


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