Big Movement. Little Idea.

Yesterday, in an under-construction building in downtown, we launched a movement. What an amazing moment for Reno. Thirty volunteers presented a campaign to 200 people. The audience was moved, the idea met with standing ovation. After ten years in creative services, yesterday’s presentation became the greatest moment of my career.

Volunteers…that term seems funny to me because I would have paid to be apart of this. I am honored to have played a role in what feels like a paramount moment in Reno’s history. I really don’t know if I’ll ever have another chance to be a part of a movement so selfless and inspiring for the city I live in. It was simply amazing.

I’m going to present the creative one treatment at a time. First, I want you to know the creative you’re about to see started with a simple idea and we never looked back. Biggest Little City. Big. Little. City. That right there speaks volumes. The aberration of big and little and the connection of that to Reno is unparalleled. It’s a wonderful anomaly. This is the idea. We all have a big and a little in the Biggest Little City. All of us. Telling that story is the movement.

Our first treatment features Grant Korgan. Grant is an avid snowmobiler, skier, world-class kayaker, adventurer, nanomechanics professional and husband. In 2010, while snowmobiling in the Sierra backcountry, Grant fractured his L1 vertebrae, and suddenly added the world of spinal cord injury recovery to his list of activities. For some, this injury would be detrimental. For Grant, the challenge was fuel. He’s traveled the world doing things no man has done before. He shows the world that everyone should remember to live the highest version of themselves. Clearly a Big Obstacle, but for Grant, Little Excuses.


This is how we presented Grant, the first of five treatments.

Play this:

Text version: Reno’s marvel is embodied through decades of little stories. Wrapped by the soulful Sierras, our city is centered by the rolling river of the Truckee. It’s within this bowl where we’ve authored our adventures. There is a collection of profound, individual moments that have cast this place as our Biggest Little City.

The Biggest…Little…City, that’s a wonderful anomaly. A place where big meets small, hot meets cold, loud meets quiet. Where a desert meets a forest. We’re fifteen minutes from a ski slope and skyscraper. We’re cow fields and casinos. We’re artists and athletes. We’re kayakers and characters. There’s no other place in the world that mixes the aberrations of life like the Biggest Little City. This is where our story lives.

Then play this:

Then visit this:

Much..much more to come.

This blog post is continued from The Creative Brief.


3 thoughts on “Big Movement. Little Idea.

  1. Props to you Paul..back in Feb. ( so long ago) i think you helped focus a dialogue that has been rambling about for years…many of those comments from this blog were the genesis of this campaign. Kudos

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