Almost There

Continued from Concept Revealed. 

Downtown Reno by Kelsie Heller
Downtown Reno by Kelsie Heller

Selling a creative idea can be challenging. Often times the client wants to add their “touch”. In addition, most people are risk averse. They’ll choose ‘safe’ over ‘wow’ 99% of the time.  The best clients are the ones that are believers. They trust that creativity moves people.

The Reno brand campaign, which unveils this Wednesday, has a special circumstance. The community is the client. This is why the campaign needed to be developed by a volunteer group from the community. The challenge in selling the campaign is in finding space amongst other agendas.

We’re a few days out from the campaign’s release and are working everyday in preparation. Once the campaign is publicized, I’ll share each and every element here on this blog. I haven’t leaked anything yet so as not to expose the campaign creative before it’s revealed.

One thing I can tell you is the campaign is an integrated marketing effort. We’re using several mediums from traditional to non-traditional.  We’ve prepared several treatments that include videos, billboards, ads, stickers, cutouts, apps, clothing, and more.

Stay tuned; we’re almost there.

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