Concept Revealed

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Reno by Nikki Remeika
Reno by Nikki Remeika

Once we had the concept written, it all came together quickly. The photographers and videographers started shooting and the design team started to create a style guide. We considered several visual elements and direction and in the end we went with what we believed to be the most authentic to Reno. We hosted a few late night work sessions. One of them was hosted at the Collective office. They were kind enough to let us crash their space for a few hours. With our laptops back-to-back, we made the idea tangible.

The uniqueness of the concept was that each piece of the campaign was designed in a particular way so that anyone can contribute. You don’t have to be a designer or writer to join the campaign. You just have to have a story to tell.

We had a mid-May deadline to present the creative to the rest of the team. We settled on the evening of May 15. We arranged for the River Room in downtown, Reno. The owners were very kind and supportive. The presentation was a big production. We brought the kitchen sink and the team was blown away.

Each attendee was given a take-home box with all the elements of the campaign inside. We wanted our teammates from the other working groups to have everything they needed to work on their portions of the campaign.

The next day, the team went back to work. We kept meeting weekly and started planning the public reveal on June 5th. Stay tuned.


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