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Balloon Races by Jay Skig
Balloon Races by Jay Skig

We started our creative path by exploring Reno’s past and present. We looked at research, survey data, and revisited past campaigns. We learned.

As marketing professionals, we’re all too familiar with presenting a product in a particular way that makes it look attractive. Presenting a city like Reno is much different. The brand positioning has to be 100% authentic so it can speak to the community. After all, the community is the brand.

The conversation shouldn’t be why people should come to Reno. It should be why “we” love and live in Reno. Reno doesn’t need to be sold. Its greatness is backed by its authenticity. The mountains, river, and snow are all great things but other cities have that too. The glory is in what we do and how we feel about our mountains, river, and snow. The story of why a community thrives here is the big idea and it lives in all of us.

We’re a proud, supportive community that likes constancy. The Biggest Little City in the World (or map) moniker is the one idea that has lasted a century. It’s a world-renowned phrase. Other slogans have challenged it, but failed. And they were destined to fail, because you can’t change history.

Once we considered all these things, we started writing an idea. Stay tuned.

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