Continued from Taking Shape.

Reno by Lise Charette
Reno by Lise Charette

We created working groups. A team of writers, photographers, and designers comprised the creative working group. This group was tasked with coming up with the “big idea”. We’d be concepting the campaign from creative positioning to graphic styling to brand execution. We were given about a month to establish the creative elements of the campaign for the whole team to implement.

The second working group was tasked with social media implementation. This group would establish the social platform of the campaign. We planned for the campaign to grow online through Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Instagram, Pinterest, blogging and vlogging, mobile application, and more.

The third working group took on the public relations effort. This group would strategize how to spread the campaign publicly through traditional and non-traditional media. They started taking meetings and building a support network prior the creative team unveiling the art. The social media and public relations implementation of the campaign were the most important effort in the campaign’s exposure.

While we went to work on the creative concept, the other working groups waited in anticipation for what we’d present. This took an incredible amount of trust, the most crucial element of a team. This idea would have to be strong and more importantly affect emotion so the campaign would resonate with the community. There was always the chance our teammates wouldn’t like the creative, but we felt we couldn’t go wrong with “truth”. So, that’s where we started with our concept. Stay tuned…


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