Taking Shape

Continued from The Art of the Start

Reno Skys by Meredith Close
Reno Sky by Meredith Close

Over the past year, several Reno groups began to vocalize a thirst for a brand campaign. RGJ’s Reno Rebirth Blog launched in May 2012. While the blog centers on economic recovery, Reno’s need for a focused vision is a common theme. There are several contributing bloggers that speak to the importance of a brand identity in Reno, myself included.

In early 2013, the City of Reno government conducted a survey of citizens and employees. A portion of the results pointed to “Reno lacking a grand vision”. Shortly after in March 2013, the IBM Smarter Cities group posted their results of an evaluation they conducted in Reno. They recommended the City of Reno, as the anchor city of the region, reevaluate and reestablish a city brand.

Before these things were in motion, Reno started to change its shape. The energy of downtown moved to midtown. Residents and entrepreneurs created a community of restaurants, artist’s lofts, coffee shops, and boutiques in an area that was once dilapidated. The midtown group created something amazing in Reno and sparked a citywide movement of innovation.

It was a combination of these movements that drove the Reno brand campaign group together. We started meeting on the heel of these things and sought to provide a solution to Reno’s identity confusion. We studied the research and reviewed the surveys. Our next meeting was to get organized and assign tasks. Stay tuned…


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