The Art of the Start

The arch by Andrea Bailey
The arch by Andrea Bailey

Great ideas are born from inspiration. We do our best work when we’re driven by pride and passion. Maslow described the ongoing process of developing and realizing your potential as self-actualization. This is what motivates us to seek greatness. When we’re working on something we believe in, enthusiasm becomes our fuel.

For a couple dozen of us in Reno, we became inspired to create a branding campaign that is unique and special to the community. This type of campaign has to come from the people so it can speak to the people. It can be difficult for a hired marketing firm to understand the intricacies of a community. After all, this campaign isn’t about a tag line or a logo, but about building a stage for Reno to perform on.

One thing that was special about this campaign was that everyone came to the table as a volunteer. There were no egos or alternative motives. Just the desire to build something great for the city we love. The payoff was to work together on something we’re passionate about. That made the difference between work and fun.

With our founding principles set, our next step was to get organized. In February 2013, we began meeting on a weekly basis.

Stay tuned…


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