Press Impress

The freedom of the press is vital to the health of a democracy. Investigative reporting is to journalism what research is to science, having the potential to shatter old paradigms and present new realities. An active news community and a vibrant community go hand-in-hand.

The news media in Reno has been contributing to the brand of Reno for over 125 years. From sourcing information to supporting community causes, Reno’s news media covers and catalogs our times of triumph and tribulation.

The longest running news source in Reno is the Reno Gazette-Journal (RGJ). It came into being when the Nevada State Journal (founded in 1870) and the Reno Evening Gazette (founded in 1876) merged. The RGJ hosts a blog and Sunday newspaper section titled Reno Rebirth, which is specifically dedicated to Reno’s economic recovery.

Years ago, I spent sometime as a magazine editor and I came to appreciate the dynamic of the publishing business and journalism integrity. For the RGJ to dedicate resources and staff to a subject that’s extremely important to Reno is commendable. Check it out at


NOTE: The thoughts and opinions expressed by Paul Klein in this blog are personal and not that of the City of Reno.



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