Getting Pinterested in Reno

Social media has become an industry of communication. It isn’t just facebook or twitter, but the entire collaboration of the way we socialize using online (and sometimes offline) mediums.  The latest trend in social media is the interest in sharing and viewing imagery. This trend makes the use of sites like  and particularly well suited for organizations with strong visual content.

Pinterest, a bulletin-board style image sharing website, is sky rocketing as a social media tool. Based on the number of visits, Pinterest ranks as the third most popular social networking site (according to Experian’s 2012 Digital Marketer). Ranked only behind Facebook and Twitter, Pinterest has become more than a forum for bread recipes and scrapbooking. With smart phone image and video apps, anyone can be a photographer now.

Pinterest’s mission is to connect everyone in the world through the things they find interesting. Government agencies are beginning to explore the use of Pinterest in engaging citizens. The U.S Army, Navy, and National Guard are using Pinterest, along with several other municipalities.

Nashville, Music City PinterestIn Giving a Hand to the Brand II, I blogged about the brilliant brand building by the City of Nashville, Tennessee. Of course Nashville, Music City is on Pinterest. They shout innovation and creativity in every way they communicate to citizens. Nashville currently has 21 boards, 2,142 followers, and 640 pins, featuring local attractions, downtown landmarks and photos of music festivals for which they are known.

City of Reno PinterestAlong with Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube, the City of Reno is now on Pinterest and pinning all things Reno, Nevada. This a perfect medium for sharing all the great aspects of Reno with compelling imagery. Sharing the City’s beauty with the world is the best instrument for branding and Defining Reno. Follow Reno on Pinterest @CityofReno.


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