Dress to Impress: Organizational Branding

Organizational branding plays an important role in business. It’s important to be consistent in the way your marketing communication looks and feels. This includes everything your logo goes on and more. Everything should match and fall within the brand design, from a company brochure to a Facebook page. This projects professionalism and recognition.

I’ve been with the City of Reno for a few months now and one of our immediate goals was to establish consistency in our marketing communications efforts. The City of Reno government has a lot going on in terms of service offerings. As you can imagine for a city of 225k residents, there is a lot of information that is distributed. The challenge is to connect all that messaging by color, tone, look, and feel.

So we did this:

City of Reno communiations


City of Reno communicationsCity of Reno communicationsWe established parameters and created brand templates that are user-friendly organization wide. From letterhead to tri-folds to e-mail newsletters, the goal of consistency is on its way.

We recently published the 2013 Spring-Summer Recreation brochure. This program guide lists hundreds of opportunities for Renoans to recreate. As I blogged about in Recreation Reno, recreation is a pillar of Reno’s brand. Take a look at the e-brochure by clicking here.


2 thoughts on “Dress to Impress: Organizational Branding

  1. I was very impressed by the brochure! This is a professional style production. Will this theme be extended to official websites as well, or is it specifically for city paper publications?

    I have always said Renoite–is Renoan more common now?

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