the Weather Outside is Weather

This morning’s April snowfall reminded me of one of the most unique aspects of Reno, the weather. Reno’s weather is as fickle as fate. It changes faster than a high school trend. It’s as surprising and unpredictable as the NCAA Tournament. The only consistency about the weather in Reno is that we’re not surprised when it’s inconsistent. For Renoans, we’re “pretty sure” the weather will be a certain way and that certain way is usually just the right temperature.

@amackkkk's Instagram Image via the RSCVA'S blog (@renotahoeusa)
@amackkkk’s Instagram image via the RSCVA’s blog and Instagram @renotahoeusa

Reno sits in the shadow of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Since we’ve started keeping records, the rainfall averages around 7.5 inches annually and snowfall averages around 21.5 inches annually. The most snowfall recorded in the City of Reno in one year is 63.8 inches in 1971. The all-time record low temperature is −19 °F, which occurred on January 8, 1890.

All the while, the City of Reno has 300 days of sunshine each year. Summer highs are in the mid-90s °F, but temperatures can reach 100 °F or higher – this happens a handful of times each year. The all-time record high temperature is 108 °F, which occurred in July, 2002, and again in July, 2007.

The Truckee Meadows valley is all-too-familiar with summer thunderstorms and the “Washoe Zephyr“, Nevada’s seasonal diurnal wind. The Washoe Zephyr was coined by Mark Twain in his book Roughing It. In Defining Reno, the weather is typically right in the middle of comfortability, but on occasion it can turn like a top.

The weather in Reno connects the community. It’s always something to talk about. So…how about that weather?

NOTE: The thoughts and opinions expressed by Paul Klein in this blog are personal and not that of the City of Reno.


One thought on “the Weather Outside is Weather

  1. Yes Paul, The weather is truly crazy around here. I was surprise to wake up to snow fall today. This weather unpredictably could be attributed to climate change. Get ready for more uncertainty bro

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