#THINKRENOContinuous process improvement is an ongoing effort to advance your purpose of being in business. A smart organization constantly evaluates its processes in order to improve efficiency and effectiveness. Reno is adjusting from a drastic population growth that preceded an economic recession. Today, there is spirit of innovation to improve processes as the community stabilizes and begins to rebuild. It’s an opportunistic time.

While it starts with concepts, it takes strategic planning and action to make real change. Austin, Texas designated their process of improvement Imagine Austin. This is their citywide comprehensive plan for the future. They defined where Austin is today and where the community wants it to go. The plan focuses on eight priorities and has action teams to work on them. The city of Boulder did something similar, calling it Inspire Boulder.

For the City of Reno, four priorities were designated as areas of focus. These priorities, along with the City Council’s Vision and Mission statements can be viewed in an earlier Defining Reno post titled Mission Possible. Based on the City Council’s direction, City management established a cross-department and community represented task force for each priority to evaluate its goals, objectives, tactics and actions. These teams are meeting on a regular basis and brainstorming innovative ideas to make the City of Reno smarter and more efficient.

#THINKRENOThis process improvement strategy was designated #THINKRENO. By adding the hashtag (#) to the name allows the movement to be linked, tracked, and interactive online. #THINKRENO is for ideas, suggestions, questions, or individual innovations that are supporting the community’s continuous process improvement.

NOTE: The thoughts and opinions expressed by Paul Klein in this blog are personal and not that of the City of Reno.


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