Who Does What

The community of Reno has several support agencies. From government to tourism marketing to business attraction, simply by being citizens we’re a part of a constant effort to improve Reno. The use of acronyms that name these agencies can rival military jargon. There’s COR, RSCVA, NCOT, EDAWN, GOED, and many more. In Defining Reno, it may be helpful to sort out what each of these agencies provide the people of Reno.

The City of Reno government is our bread and butter. They provide and manage city services for residents and visitors. This includes City financials, records, risk, policy, public safety, sanitation, judicial process, police and fire, parks, recreation, code enforcement, zoning, citizen services, and much more. In all, City of Reno government works to keep the City “going and growing”.

The Reno-Sparks Convention and Visitors Authority (RSCVA) acts as a marketing organization to promote convention and tourism business. Their purpose is to attract overnight visitors to Reno-Tahoe. These visitors stay in hotels, eat, drink, and shop, thereby enhancing the economic benefit and quality of life of the area.

Nevada’s Commission on Tourism (NCOT) is responsible for marketing Nevada as a tourism and travel destination. NCOT is a statewide agency much like the Governor’s Office of Economic Development (GOED). GOED works to attract businesses to make a home in Nevada. They foster business expansion, retention, and community development.

The Economic Development Authority of Western Nevada (EDAWN) recruits and expands companies in the effort of making a positive economic impact in western Nevada. Along with Nevada’s Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology (NCET) and the Nevada Institute for Renewable Energy Commercialization (NIREC), EDAWN is a private/public agency that boosts innovation in Reno.

The Reno- Sparks Chamber of Commerce (the Chamber) serves as the leading source for business networking, community information, and business resources. They help sustain and grow business in the area. In collaboration, the Reno-Tahoe Young Professionals Network (RTYPN) works to retain and attract young professionals who are driven and enthusiastic about doing business in the region.

There are several more organizations that also support Reno in some facet. Although not mentioned above, the education institutions in Reno are arguably the leading entity in sustainability, business attraction, and innovation. What other agencies help #DefineReno?

NOTE: The thoughts and opinions expressed by Paul Klein in this blog are personal and not that of the City of Reno.


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