We the People of Reno

While it may not seem like it, the power of the people is greater than the people in power. Elected representatives act as our voice and a conduit to improvement. In Reno, there’s a growing appetite for innovation. Community members are meeting, brainstorming, and strategizing objectives to improve the Reno community. It’s extraordinary and inspiring to watch these groups form out of no other reason than care for community.

The growth of a city depends on citizen participation. It enhances the quality of democracy by constantly bringing diverse needs, concerns, perspectives, and ideas to light. Further, the planning and implementation of citizen-group initiatives enhance a city’s vitality. A coordinated citizen effort is a powerful thing. Two heads are better than one, five is better than three, and so on.

The Reno Gazette Journal created a Reno Rebirth blog. The blog discusses issues related to jobs, education and quality of life as Reno’s economy recovers. This blog has stemmed into multiple blogs with similar subject matters, all things Reno. As interest and interaction continues to build, people have begun to meet and discuss ideas. Motivated by interest and pride for Reno, each day the movement grows and apathy subsides. We’re working past defining Reno to a series of defining moments in Reno.

The City of Reno HorizonThere are great things on the Sierra horizon and anyone can be involved. If you want to contribute, there are many outlets: Join a civic board, volunteer for a cause, discuss your ideas with colleagues, or simply support innovation and be open to good change.

There’s always the opportunity of contacting your elected representative. The key with this is to write a well thought out message, utilizing facts and evidence to make a compelling point. Use a progressive tone and suggest a solution. This helps your elected official understand the whole picture.

If you’re socially-active online, you can identify Reno’s innovation with updates containing #RenoRebirth, #DefiningReno, #iamreno, and #thinkreno.

NOTE: The thoughts and opinions expressed by Paul Klein in this blog are personal and not that of the City of Reno.


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