Mission Possible

Positioning statements are vital to the success of an organization. They act as your lighthouse, a beacon that guides direction. They influence organizational culture by informing customers and employees what the business is and where it’s heading. Healthy organizational culture increases productivity, growth, and efficiency.

Like an artist’s sculpture, mission and vision statements are carefully crafted. A mission statement is most effective when it’s motivating, meaningful, and measurable. As you can imagine, these statements can be difficult to write. The key is to focus on content that encompasses your driving-force philosophy. Finally, before these statements can live they must pass the grandmother test, which is to share your mission with your grandmother. If she doesn’t understand it, start over.

In early February, the Reno City Council convened for a strategic planning session. The group reviewed feedback collected from Reno’s community leaders, city staff, and residents. They utilized a SWOT analysis and examined best practices of successful cities with a similar stature. In the end, the Council provided the leadership to establish a clear, timeless vision for the City of Reno along with complementary strategic priorities.

Mission of the City of Reno: To efficiently provide the highest level of services responsive to our community and to enhance the quality of life and economic vitality.

Vision of the City of Reno: “The Biggest Little City in the World” offers exceptional quality of life, culture, and a vibrant, diverse economy.

Reno City Council Strategic Priorities:

• Enhance Communication and Citizen Engagement

• Provide Efficient and Responsive City Services

• Provide Safe and Livable Neighborhoods

• Promote a Sustainable and Vibrant Economy

This is great stuff. It’s easy to comprehend, addresses specific subjects, and certainly passes the grandmother test. The City of Reno also hosts their “vision for community”, which includes values and goals, at reno.gov (the direct link is here). Of the four priorities, I’m partial to enhancing communication and citizen engagement. Transparency and teamwork creates a culture of belief and buy-in which are principal components toward a healthy organization.

The City of Reno utilizes several outreach mediums. For mobile updates, visit the City of Reno at Reno.gov, Twitter, or Facebook.

mission statementNOTE: The thoughts and opinions expressed by Paul Klein in this blog are personal and not that of the City of Reno.


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